After-School Kitty Cat Sandwiches

My son learned to make these at school. It’s a healthy after-school snack your child can make all by herself!



Step: 1

Cut bread into a circle with a round cookie cutter or the rim of a glass; discard excess bread. Spread cream cheese onto the bread circle.

Step: 2

Place one pineapple chunk on each side of bread, near the top, to make cat ears. Place sliced grape below the pineapple to make the eyes.

Step: 3

Press raisin into the center of the bread to create a nose; arrange sunflower seeds under the raisin to make a mouth. Place 3 carrot sticks horizontally on each side of the raisin to create whiskers.


Per Serving: 288 calories; protein 6.7g; carbohydrates 60.8g; fat 3.8g; cholesterol 2.7mg; sodium 476.1mg.

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