Bushala (Swiss Chard Soup)

This dish is eaten as soup; it can be served hot or cold. This is a very old Assyrian recipe passed down in our family.



Step: 1

Beat yogurt and egg together in a large mixing bowl; add water and flour. Beat the mixture with an electric hand mixer until smooth; transfer to a large pot over medium heat and stir chile peppers into the mixture.

Step: 2

Bring the yogurt mixture to a boil. Add celery, Swiss chard, and spinach to the yogurt mixture. Continue cooking until the celery softens, 15 - 20 minutes. Serve hot or chill and serve cold.


Per Serving: 226 calories; protein 17.2g; carbohydrates 30.9g; fat 4.7g; cholesterol 36.9mg; sodium 395.3mg.

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