Chocolate Delight

This is the most delightful chocolate dessert that you will ever taste!



Step: 1

Cut chocolate cake into large squares and place on a baking sheet or large baking dish (see Cook’s Note). Pour coffee-flavored liqueur over cake and set aside. Prepare chocolate pudding with milk according to package directions.

Step: 2

In large trifle bowl or other glass bowl, crumble half of liqueur-moistened cake. Top cake with half of chocolate pudding, half of crumbled candy bars, and one container of whipped topping. Repeat with remaining cake, pudding, candy bars, and Cool Whip®. Shave chocolate with a vegetable peeler for garnish; sprinkle over top of dessert. Keep refrigerated until serving.


Per Serving: 1114 calories; protein 14.4g; carbohydrates 144.8g; fat 47.2g; cholesterol 128.4mg; sodium 771.5mg.

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