Collard Green Wraps

Creamy hummus, crunchy bell pepper, and refreshing cucumber join tangy artichoke hearts and peppery arugula inside tender, blanched collard green leaves, resulting in fresh and flavorful veggie wraps that are perfect for a light lunch. Serve with chips on the side or even some lemon-garlic roasted potatoes or rice.



Step: 1

Fill a large pot with 3 inches of water. Add vinegar and salt; bring to a boil over medium-high heat.

Step: 2

While water comes to a boil, remove 4 large leaves from the bunch of

Step: 3

. Lay them flat on a cutting board and trim the stems until even with beginning of leaves. Carefully shave center stems down until leaves lay flat, being careful to not tear them.

Step: 4

Place leaves in boiling water and cook undisturbed until bright green and wilted, about 30 seconds. Use tongs to carefully transfer leaves to a bowl of ice water; let cool 3 minutes. Remove from ice water and pat dry.

Step: 5

Lay collard leaves flat on a large cutting board and assemble wraps as follows, dividing ingredients evenly among the 4 leaves. Spread an even layer of hummus on each leaf, leaving a 2-inch border. In the bottom third of each leaf, stack bell pepper, cucumber, onion, artichoke hearts, and arugula. Drizzle with lemon juice.

Step: 6

Fold the sides of each leaf in towards the center, using your hands to help keep the sides tucked in, and roll, starting from bottom. Slice in half diagonally to serve.


Per Serving: 203 calories; protein 10.4g; carbohydrates 26.9g; fat 7.3g; sodium 4972.2mg.

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