Darra's Famous Tuna Waldorf Salad Sandwich Filling

Tired of boring tuna salad? You’ll love this one!!!



Step: 1

In a medium bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, mustard, curry powder, salt and pepper. Add tuna, shallot, apple, walnuts, celery and pickle relish and toss until all ingredients are coated with dressing.

Step: 2

Lightly toast the croissants. Split in half, place a lettuce leaf on the bottom half of the croissant and fill with tuna salad. Top with a slice of Swiss cheese and the top half of the croissant. Serve with a dill pickle and potato chips. Bon appetit!


Per Serving: 695 calories; protein 23.1g; carbohydrates 42.4g; fat 48.9g; cholesterol 90.9mg; sodium 843.9mg.

3 Cheese Tortilla Pizza Author : Pablo Levesque
3 P Salad Author : sueb