Delightful Cucumber Soup

Couldn’t find a cucumber soup with exactly the flavors I wanted so I made up this one! It’s a creamy and uniquely flavored cool cucumber soup. It is okay to have a choppy texture rather than perfectly smooth. Whichever consistency is your preference. Serve cold.



Step: 1

Stir buttermilk powder and water together in a bowl until smooth; pour into the work bowl of a food processor. Add standard cucumbers, English cucumber, vanilla yogurt, shallot, lemon, mint, garlic, dill, cumin, and nutmeg to the bowl.

Step: 2

Pulse the food processor to begin chopping ingredients before leaving on to blend soup to your desired consistency.


Per Serving: 101 calories; protein 5.5g; carbohydrates 19.7g; fat 1.5g; cholesterol 4.1mg; sodium 58.3mg.

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