Easter Hard-Boiled Egg Chicks

Super easy, super cute little chickens made from hard-boiled eggs are fun to serve on Easter or in a lunch box.



Step: 1

Thinly slice 6 circular pieces of carrot. Cut 2 small triangles from 3 of the circular pieces to be head feathers. Cut 1 large triangle from the remaining 3 circular pieces to be the feet. Set triangles aside.

Step: 2

Slice off the bottom of each egg at the wide end so they can sit upright.

Step: 3

Place 3 carrot feet on a plate and place an egg on top of each. Slice the top of each egg about 1 centimeter down using a knife. Wedge a head feather into each egg.

Step: 4

Poke a hole in the front of each egg, aligning with head feather. Wedge a larger triangle into each hole as beaks.

Step: 5

Poke 2 sunflower seeds into the front of each egg as the chicken’s eyes.

Step: 6

Serve eggs on a bed of kale.


Per Serving: 101 calories; protein 7.1g; carbohydrates 3.6g; fat 6.4g; cholesterol 212mg; sodium 79.1mg.

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