Easy Tuna and Bean Kale Salad

To use kale for a salad, you may want to massage the leaves. Sounds crazy, but the leaves are softer, greener and milder to taste. I often use kale as a base in salads, in this case I have added vegetables, beans, and tuna. A delicious combination of flavors!



Step: 1

Put kale in a bowl and massage until leaves soften.

Step: 2

Place avocado and tomato in a separate bowl and season with salt.

Step: 3

Combine black beans, mushrooms, and tuna with the kale. Add avocado and tomato. Add Italian dressing. Finish with black pepper.


Per Serving: 505 calories; protein 35.5g; carbohydrates 55.9g; fat 19.4g; cholesterol 18.9mg; sodium 894.9mg.

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