First Aid Lunch Kit

Check the heartbeat of this bento box style lunch, which can be easily made for those young ones aspiring to go into the medical fields. This first aid kit comes complete with edible rolls of gauze, splints, and aspirin among other things, including capsules that transform into dinosaurs.



Step: 1

Mix chicken, celery, green onion, and mayonnaise together in a bowl to make chicken salad.

Step: 2

Slice tortilla into pieces that resemble bandages; place cheese squares over the middle of each bandage. Pour Italian dressing into a vial to represent peroxide.

Step: 3

Lay salad greens over the bottom of a container that resembles a first aid kit. Lay the bell pepper red cross on top. Place chicken salad in its own compartment. Arrange bandages, cheese squares with heart toothpicks, peroxide, splints (jicama), eye patches (round crackers), swabs soaking in iodopovidone (gelatin cubes), and gauze (fruit rolls) in the container. Place aspirin (yellow candies) and magic grow capsules in mini silicone muffin cups; add to the kit.


Per Serving: 947 calories; protein 53.6g; carbohydrates 101.1g; fat 37.9g; cholesterol 144.5mg; sodium 2227.5mg.

3 Cheese Tortilla Pizza Author : Pablo Levesque
3 P Salad Author : sueb