German Shrimp Pasta Salad

This is a favorite recipe handed down from my Oma, who used to make this for the deli. She used elbow macaroni. I have altered her methods to decrease prep time without sacrificing flavor.



Step: 1

Bring 4 quarts of water to a boil. Add 1 tablespoon salt. Cook elbow macaroni in the boiling water, stirring occasionally, until tender yet firm to the bite, about 8 minutes.

Step: 2

Combine vinegar, sugar, dill, and parsley in a large bowl. Muddle the herbs with flat spatula and mix until sugar is dissolved. Whisk in mayonnaise, lime juice, and 1 teaspoon salt until creamy. Stir in celery and onion. Cover and refrigerate.

Step: 3

Rinse pasta under cold water. Fold pasta into the dressing until evenly coated. Cover and refrigerate, folding salad occasionally so that dressing is evenly absorbed, 8 hours to overnight. Add more mayonnaise if pasta looks dry.

Step: 4

Gently fold in shrimp in the last fold before serving.


Per Serving: 337 calories; protein 17.2g; carbohydrates 46.9g; fat 7.7g; cholesterol 77.7mg; sodium 1366mg.

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