Grilled Marshmallow Nutella®

This delicious dessert hits the spot for anyone, young or old. The marshmallow melts in your mouth with a smooth taste of Nutella®. The slightly crunchy buttery taste of the bread ties everything together making this an irresistible delight. It’s okay, we all need to indulge once in a while.



Step: 1

Spread chocolate-hazelnut spread evenly over 2 slices of bread. Arrange marshmallows over chocolate-hazelnut spread. Place remaining 2 slices bread over marshmallows creating 2 sandwiches. Spread butter over both sides of each sandwich.

Step: 2

Place both sandwiches in a skillet over medium heat and grill until golden brown, about 5 minutes per side.


Per Serving: 353 calories; protein 4.9g; carbohydrates 55.3g; fat 11.9g; cholesterol 15.3mg; sodium 427.6mg.

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