Ham Sandwich with Crunchy Maille® Cornichons

Update your ham sandwich with the addition of chopped shallots and cornichons, layered in a roll with parsley, lettuce, and tomatoes.



Step: 1

Slice the rolls in half and spread butter on both sides.

Step: 2

Garnish one half with a few leaves of lettuce and a slice of tomato.

Step: 3

Top the tomato with the slices of ham.

Step: 4

Cut the Maille® cornichons in 4, and dice them, then place them on top of the slices of ham.

Step: 5

Sprinkle shallots and parsley to taste.

Step: 6

Top with other half of roll and serve.


Per Serving: 187 calories; protein 8.7g; carbohydrates 10g; fat 12.7g; cholesterol 32.8mg; sodium 528.8mg.

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