Maille® Dijon Veal Burgers

Grilled veal burgers seasoned with fresh basil and mustard are served atop grilled red peppers in toasted crusty rolls.



Step: 1

Remove some bread from cut sides of top half of rolls, creating a pocket.

Step: 2

Place in food processor or blender. Pulse to form fine crumbs. Reserve 1/4 cup crumbs for burgers.

Step: 3

Combine ground veal, bread crumbs, basil, egg, 1 Tbsp mustard and black pepper in large bowl, mixing thoroughly. Shape into four 1/2-inch thick patties.

Step: 4

Place patties and bell pepper on oiled grid over medium, ash-covered coals.

Step: 5

Grill veal, uncovered, 10 to 12 minutes, until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F, turning occasionally. Grill peppers 7 to 11 minutes until tender, turning occasionally. Spread remaining 1 Tbsp mustard on bottom half of rolls. Place rolls, cut sides down on grid. Grill until lightly toasted.

Step: 6

Cut pepper quarters in half lengthwise; place on roll bottoms.

Step: 7

Top with burgers. Close sandwiches.


Per Serving: 252 calories; protein 18.4g; carbohydrates 24.6g; fat 8.1g; cholesterol 104.4mg; sodium 427.8mg.

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