Red Cabbage and Celery Root Coleslaw with Apple Cider Dressing

Artisan coleslaw has become a passion of mine recently. Celery root adds a unique taste and a plethora of health benefits. As does the apple cider vinaigrette, making this a great choice when watching the waist line. The longer the slaw sits, the more the flavors have time to deepen - it’s really good when left in the fridge overnight, and makes great leftovers!



Step: 1

Combine red cabbage, celery root, carrot, and green onions in a large bowl.

Step: 2

Place olive oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic, balsamic vinegar, celery seeds, salt, and black pepper in a jar. Seal and shake to mix well. Pour dressing over red cabbage mixture and toss to combine.


Per Serving: 185 calories; protein 2.5g; carbohydrates 14.4g; fat 13.9g; sodium 162.9mg.

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