Shredded Turkey Barbecue

A co-worker brought this and I could not believe it wasn’t pork! The ingredients surprised me…but this is a fab slow cooker recipe! Not exactly low cal…but full of protein for sure. Tweaked a bit to make it mine. Can you say Keeper? Make your sandwiches with coleslaw if you’re from the south! The recipe freezes very well.



Step: 1

Place the turkey thighs, baked beans, onion, barbecue sauce, yellow mustard, cumin, and salt into a slow cooker. Set the cooker to Low, and cook 10 to 12 hours. Remove the turkey thighs, and shred meat using 2 forks. Discard bones. Return the shredded turkey meat to the slow cooker. To serve, place about 1/2 cup of shredded turkey and sauce onto each potato roll.


Per Serving: 385 calories; protein 25.8g; carbohydrates 60.7g; fat 5.8g; cholesterol 69.1mg; sodium 1319.6mg.

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